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Our Friend Paul Butvila

Paul Butvila was born in England on November 24, 1953. His family later immigrated to Canada when he was a child. He presently resides in West Kelowna, BC where he pursues his art career.

Paul’s earliest recollection of an interest in art was in kindergarten. Grade 6 (age 11) was when his parents purchased Paul his first oil painting set which encouraged him to complete only two paintings. Soon after, the interest of art was lost to pursue his interest in childhood but did continue to sketch throughout it.

Paul picked up a paintbrush again when he was 20 years of age. Inspired by the works of renowned Fantasy Artist, Boris Vallejo, Paul decided he would be an illustrator. After trying his hand at Fantasy Sci-Fi painting, it soon became apparent that Canada was not the place he would make his fame. He soon gave up his dream of creating his own Fantastical style of Artwork and began to paint in the style of “Photo Realism”.

This demanding style of art was continued for 6 years where he perfected his technical skills. Paul’s subject matter included: highly detailed and reflective boats, planes and motorcycles. He did concentrate on painting automobiles as racing and cars were of a great interest to him. All of his works are executed in Oils, painted on either canvas or illustration board.

Paul is an avid photographer and uses his own photos for reference material. Much of his material is acquired by attending local car shows and racing events. Paul now concentrates on commission works of mainly automobiles and also accepts commissions for his Fantasy work.

The images and item descriptions used on this site are original copyright material and are not to be reproduced without written permission.

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