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What Are Hydrographics?

Also known as immersion printing, water transfer printing or hydro-dipping, hydrographics is a method of applying printed designs to 3-dimensional surfaces. This process can be applied to metal, plastic, glass, hard woods and various other materials.

This process is extensively used to decorate items ranging from complete all-terrain vehicles to smaller items such as helmets and automotive trim. If an item can be dipped in water and be painted using traditional techniques, then the hydrographics process can be used.

Most of the designs have areas within the print that are totally transparent which gives you the option to choose your own base color. The possibilities are endless!

We’ve also added custom airbrushing to our pallet! Stay tuned for more details.

** Every piece goes through a whole prep, prime, base coat, dip process then finished with an automotive clear coat for protection **

The Process is truly unique and the possibilities are endless! There are hundreds of images available and they can be applied to almost any 3-dimensional object.

  • Automotive Accessories

  • Hunting/Fishing Equipment

  • Sporting Goods

  • Kitchen Cabinets

  • Instruments

  • Motorcycle Parts & Accessories

  • Small Appliances

  • Quads/Dirt Bikes

  • Tools

  • Stereo Equipment

  • Cell Phone Cases

  • Vehicle Rims

  • Snowmobile Parts

  • RC Cars

  • Animal Skulls (taxidermy)

** The object must be able to get wet as the process requires it to be submerged in water **

Do something nice for yourself, bling your car or other prized possession and make it truly unique! Or bling something for someone else as a one of a kind gift!


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